Please book your rooms directly through our website to be offered FREE one way pickup from Can Tho bus station/airport.



Each bungalows features private lake view terrace with sofas and hammocks where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful panoramic scenery at your utmost leisure. 

Tastefully and elegantly decorated in Southern style with eucalyptus timbers and water palm leaves enhancing the comfort and harmony with nature, Green Village Mekong appoints spacious bungalows type of accommodation on the lake. All the furniture are made by mountain bamboo which were chosen and straightened carefully to follow the best design.

Private bathroom

Private bathrooms inside each bungalows must be introduced also because of our special design mixed between vintage and nature. With the theme of classic and rustic, we love to offer classic Brass and Bronze equipment: Faucets, paper containers, clothes bars and other accessories that makes the bathrooms more distinctive. 


Through stale talented hands with creativity and art of workmen, surprisingly each sink was made beautifully and completely with natural materials, art, luxury and health-friendly materials.